Taking KidSafety to the Street™

Repcon's Commitment to Child Safety

In 2005, EMCOR launched Taking KidSafety to the Street, a three-part initiative to help find missing children and promote child safety.

Safety On the Streets

EMCOR truck displaying missing child poster.EMCOR's 6,000 service vehicles move daily from 170 offices to 13,000 job sites throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. In the U.S, our fleet prominently displays the National Center for Missing Children's® (NCMEC) posters.

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Safety In Buildings

Code AdamOver 2,000 EMCOR facilities management personnel have been trained on Code Adam®. This program was established in 1994 by Wal-Mart and has been a powerful search tool for lost and possibly abducted children in over 43,000 retail locations nationwide.

Code Adam is activated when a child is first reported missing within a facility and prior to the arrival of law enforcement personnel. Employees who are trained in Code Adam procedures are able to respond quickly if an abduction occurs in their establishments.

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Safety At Home

Families and children can learn how to stay safer with our My Safety Tips brochure and poster, KidSafety Challenge and accompanying KidSafety Certificate. Links to both the brochure and our KidSafety bookmark are provided on the left.

The brochure provides kids with NCMEC's rules for child safety and internet safety tips. Children are also invited to take the KidSafety Challenge to test their knowledge and once completed, they can print out a personalized KidSafety certificate.