Training Facilities

Repcon is addressing the growing shortage of qualified craft workers—head on. We’re building four state-of-the-art training and testing facilities (Corpus Christi is up and running), each one loaded with next-generation tools and equipment, able to handle thousands of trainees per year.

Facility Benefits:

  • Customers benefit directly from the intense hands-on training
  • Craftworkers are more empowered with improved skills
  • Workdays are more productive and efficient

Training highlights:

  • Rigging, torqueing, and machining using state-of the-art tools like magnetic backup and hydraulics—to minimize hand injuries
  • Exchanger training covers shell and flange repairs and push-pull using conventional, truck mounts, self-propelled, and aerial extraction
  • Multiple valve designs and configurations to gain experience with the complete dismantle and rebuild process
  • Tower and vessel training includes tray and packing removal and installation, process overview, and component & equipment ID.
  • Industrial welding from stick to combination. Pipefitter training includes: blueprint, layout and installation, material and equipment identification
  • Manway, bottle and fire watch training and testing for safety attendants and foremen.
  • Hands-on chemical PPE & breathing air
  • Full mechanical exchanger training from blind-to-blind, hydro-testing, torqueing and component identification

Current and future locations:

  • Corpus Christi
  • Baton Rouge
  • Houston
  • Beaumont